Lo Manthang owes its origins to the trade that passes between Tibet and Nepal. It’s an ancient place with a culture that is fascinating and other-worldly. For centuries it was hidden from western explorers and was one of the last forbidden  kingdoms, inaccessible to foreign explorers until the last decades of the 20th century. We will spend two days exploring the city before beginning the long journey back to Kathmandu.

This is an exciting and tough challenge that will test the resilience, fitness and socio-emotional intelligence of the expedition members. We will stay in mountain lodges – very basic shelters that provide refuge from the harsh mountain weather. Food will be simple and often unfamiliar, there will be no luxuries, often not even a hot shower or a toilet that you would recognise as such. Make no mistake, this is a true adventure – something that will build your character, your ability to be self-reliant and independent. It will change you.