_NAH3679Fieldwork courses to get students ready for A Level, IB or university level fieldwork.

Example programmes:

  • Think like a scientist Through a series of hands-on, outdoor experiments and activities, children will explore scientific ideas and what it means to work scientifically.
  • Tree-mendous Can you imagine a world without plants and trees? Children will discover woodlands and grassland through games and investigations, looking for the clues that make trees and plants special. They will see the fascinating features of plants and find out what plants need to survive and how plants work.
  • Nature’s Numbers Children will become maths detectives, discovering the numbers and patterns hidden in nature. This session will use the environment to inspire children, improving their mathematical literacy and problem solving skills.
  • Rivers and life everywhere Using a variety of engaging activities, children will discover the physical geography and river processes as well as discovering the plants and animals that make rivers and streams their homes.
  • Secret ponds Children will explore pond margins for signs of life and investigate the life support systems behind the abundance of pond invertebrates hidden from everyday view.
  • Team challenges An exciting and challenging introduction to the concepts of working well together, using a wide variety of fun activities and puzzles designed to encourage problem solving and teamwork.